How to overcome the fear and build confidence with sales!

Dark, green forest representing the scary world of sales in which to build confidence.

Why is it that so many people hate sales?

Well, it can be a bit scary! Like walking through a dark, cold and howling forest.

Sales is basically entering into someone’s space and projecting what we think they might need.

We hear, “NO,” more than a high schooler who keeps asking to go to that college party.

We are cold calling to drum up business. And yes, there is a reason they call it ‘cold’ calling! … Brrrrrr!

But what if you thought about sales as a positive instead of a negative?

To do this, it helps to redefine what sales means to you.

Sales doesn’t have to be scary. It can mean you are genuinely interested in a person and what they do. Listening to their challenges; offering support and advice. Above all, building a relationship.

Understanding your client and building trust can be the hardest part of selling.

Rethink sales as building new connections. Or? New friendships!

Part of creating a bond, just like any other relationship, is getting to know them.

One of the first questions I ask myself when meeting a prospect is…

“What type of person are they?”

Candid and straightforward? Just wanting to get things done?

Do they enjoy socializing with a lot of people and having fun, portraying a more outgoing and extroverted personality?

Are they sweet, sincere and willing to listen because they care?

Or, do they come off a bit more skeptical and inquisitive?

Once I get an idea of who it is I am meeting, I can adjust my communication style. And when this happens? It is like a key that has opened a door.

No need to be scared of sales!

Sales is just understanding who your customer is and communicating with them in a way with which they desire to be communicated.

When considering this, it really doesn’t seem so scary now. Does it?

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