Have you ever had that co-worker who you have no idea how to talk to or even approach them?

Either what you say is not being heard or they never agree with you.

Every. Single. Time.

Or maybe you work with that person who flies off the handle over the smallest things. Leaving you nervous to approach them because you know it will bite you in the – – -!

Spiky plant. Picture used to depict importance of communication styles. Especially with someone who leaves feeling like you are on pins and needles!

It’s like walking on pins and needles.


So, how do you talk with this person when you need something from them?

Well, you could slip a note under the door. Or maybe send another poor sap to go in and talk with them. But would you really make someone else suffer?

You would rather have said nothing at all than to face the wrath!

But what if you KNEW they just liked direct, straight to the point, no frills communication?

I’ve experienced this myself!

Since I really liked my job and my clients, I decided to change my communication style based on the individual.

Normally, I would write in my emails with lots of exclamation points, LOLs, some added commentary.

But, nope! Not with this co-worker. I totally changed it and did the opposite. I went straight to the point with facts or my reasons.

It changed everything!

After a few months, I began to really understand this person more and respected them. I was SO glad I changed how I talked with them because it totally changed our relationship.

If your team is having internal conflicts or maybe you are losing team members because of this one person? Know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s talk. Reach out to me at [email protected] today to discuss your situation!

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Understanding how to communicate with your team is as simple as knowing their communication style.