About Your Communication Consultant and Trainer

Over the years, I have worked for many different types of organizations, paid and volunteer. There is one thing I observed and learned from each – how well they communicated.

Now, this communication can be external but many times it was the internal communication that really halted them from moving forward and successfully reaching their potential.

Communication affects relationships, sales and productivity. I am passionate about helping businesses improve their communication so they can reach their full potential with a healthy and productive organization.

I have been in sales for over 20 years and communication was vital – internally with my co-workers and externally with my clients.

If there is a misunderstanding, it could affect everyone – the client, my company and me!

Portrait of Carol Grubbe, team building facilitator. Trainer. Carol Grubbe, LLC.

Because of this, I’ve learned how to communicate effectively with each individual, understanding how they wish to be communicated with, so that I can meet them on their level.

I started Carol Grubbe LLC as my way of helping companies learn how people’s personalities and behaviors can affect all of us in the workplace. I teach companies what motivates and stresses a client or an employee.

Imagine how valuable that can be, by just knowing.

I truly believe EVERY business can be successful if they can rid themselves of the blockages – let them go, liberate themselves and watch the transformation happen before their very eyes! 

Sometimes there are blockages that businesses have a hard time breaking through and at times, need help. While some businesses have a blockage of high turnover and low morale. How do they transform so they can have happy and loyal employees; therefore, higher productivity and sales?

Once that blockage is removed, exciting things can happen. A business can achieve what they have always wanted to achieve, reach their purpose, and actually LIVE their mission.

Let me help you and your business let go and transform those things that have put up a roadblock in your business, and really Bring your business to LIFE!


Carol Grubbe