How many times have you are going out of town for holiday and just know you are forgetting something?

Okay, maybe it’s just me.

Several years ago, my husband Karl and I were taking our pop-up camper out for a much needed weekend getaway to Sullivan, MO. This is where we first went hiking together years prior and, well, fell in love. So this weekend was special. We were pumped and excited to be going back and getting our nature fix. You want to see Karl on a high, it’s him in the truck pulling the camper ready for some camp food and scenic hikes!

Nothing could ruin this weekend…

Until we realized, after driving about two hours, neither of us had the key to get into the camper.


We decided instead of going back home, we’d call a locksmith. I looked up “lock smith sullivan” and called the first one I saw. He was so helpful and ready to come to our aid. That is until he said he would have to fly there. What?

You see, I called a locksmith in Sullivan, NEW YORK!


After much deliberation, Karl and I decided to drive home and get the key. Then we went back and enjoyed our weekend!

The moral of the story is Communication is key. (notice the pun there?)

We have not left the key back at the house since that time. We are so good with communication now because it’s so important that we prepare so we can enjoy the time when we are camping!

Is Communication key in your business? How many times do you have to hire and rehire for the same position? Let my experience help you by allowing me to train your teams on effective communication so you aren’t constantly going back.

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