There are four basic ways to communicate: 

  1. Non-verbal
  2. Visual
  3. Verbal
  4. Written

And when I see groups of four, I can’t help but think of Everything DiSC. 

If we had to break down the four ways of communication into the four different personality styles, here is what I imagine that would look like.


Non-verbal would be the D in DiSC, dominant personalities. 

They don’t want a bunch of fluff. Instead, get to the point. And if that means, we don’t have to waste time in a meeting discussing it and it can simply be shared via email, even better.


Visual would be the i in DiSC, influential personalities. 

They dread any meetings with a bunch of meticulous details. Instead, they want to be in person with visuals of the big picture.


Verbal would be the S in DiSC, steady personalities.

They are often highly motivated by words of affirmation, genuine appreciation and to be told that you want their help. 


Written would be the C in DiSC, conscientious personalities. 

They want information written down, in a spreadsheet, or somewhere that they can come back to in order to ensure things are accurate. They want observations and research.

Now I know people communicate in different ways regardless of their DiSC style, but it is fun to pick up on this correlation based on my experience with this work!