Companies are in a “war for talent” as they battle for the finest blazing employees.

Not only are companies looking for the top of their class team members but also those who will take their businesses into the next stage by offering creative and modern new ideas. 

However, these employees are demanding flexibility, diversity, increased wages, and genuine leadership who can take them to the next level. 

Are you war-weary,  exhausted, disheartened, and losing hope trying to find good talent? 

Let’s try something new. 

Let’s focus on the employees you DO have and improve your talent. 

Many times organizations are on the search for something better. Someone who will fix things when all you needed was to look right under your roof. 

Let’s train those who are on the battlefields now. 

Middle managers have one of the most challenging jobs. They not only have to deal with different people and behaviors. They also have to understand and perform their job.

Oh! And let’s not forget about reading between the lines of what the Board or C-Suite truly wants from them. 

If you want to step away from the war for talent, let’s train your current talent! Set them up for success, and give them the tools they need to focus on leading their teams. 

Train your managers about developing each employee, motivating them, and delegating to those who can do the job well. 

Let’s teach your managers things like the fact that some people don’t want someone hovering. Instead, that individual is more likely to do the job better if given some autonomy.

Let’s train your managers to know what to look for when an employee is disgruntled and how they can understand and validate why they feel that way. 

Let’s coach your managers on how to keep an employee focused when they might be late to work often or not hitting the deadlines. 

Let’s coach your managers on how to engage with their employees based on their individual needs; how to recognize that some employees want public recognition while others despise it.

Instead of battling for talent, I encourage you to train your current talent to be the best they can be.

Want a taste of how to do this? Reach out to schedule a Lunch’n Learn for your managers in 2023! You can email me at [email protected] with Lunch’n Learn in the subject line.