As I have been growing my own business, I do not believe that I could have done it without two things: planning and support.

My successes in life, whether for my business, my garden, my relationships have often resulted because I set goals and create plans to achieve those goals.

Before I ever quit my Software Sales position to start Carol Grubbe LLC: Communication Made Simple, I needed to ensure that I had plenty of money to live on for the first 18 months. I had to ensure that I would have money coming in regularly while I grow the business, that my husband and I have healthcare during this transition.

And this was all before even considered my specific services, target market, web design.

Without a plan, we have no direction. We have no map of how to get from point A to point B. Instead we wander aimlessly about our days and weeks without any real intention which often leads to mediocre results at best.

I have learned to have plans for my day, my week, my month and my year laid out for what I want to accomplish.

For example, prior to starting my day, I review what I have scheduled and then look at how I can move towards success with each appointment and/or project. I visualize how each meeting will go, how I will speak to each individual, the outcome that I want to have.


How much do YOU plan prior to any major project or meeting?

Do you consider how you are going to approach the individual with whom you are meeting?

What about if they are an employee? Your supervisor?


I can tell you that I didn’t do all of this alone!

I had support.

I’ve hired coaches for my business, therapists for my personal challenges. I’ve met with friends and family to ask for support, reached out to people I don’t even know and asked for their advice.


Because I want to be the best that I can be…at my business and my life! 

Can you go at it alone? Sure.

Will you do so quickly, effectively, and produce high quality results compared to if you have support? Probably not.

I wish more people would get the support they need to be successful! To be happy with what they do. To be effective in their role.


In my line of work, I aim to support Middle Managers. Those leaders who have a team and at least one supervisor.

When looking back on my career, the main reason that I left most of my jobs was related to poor management. And this aligns with statistics regarding why people leave their jobs. 

It does not have to be this way!

But it won’t change if you don’t change how you do things.

Stop the turnover of good employees. Start getting the support you need to create a plan that leads to success.

As middle managers, you have a lot of responsibility. You have to answer to the c-suite and to your own management teams. It can sometimes feel like you have two different jobs. 

I can tell you one effective way to make your job easier. That is by understanding how to read and communicate effectively with your employees, your supervisor, and really anyone you with whom you engage.

How do you direct your teams? Motivate your boss to give you what your team needs to achieve a goal? Develop each employee?

It shouldn’t look the same for each individual.

This is why I love what I do. When I am helping my clients, Middle Managers, I can see the change occurring with each session. I get to witness the lightbulb getting brighter and brighter. They come back to the next session with more energy and optimism. 

I am here to offer the support you need with a plan to be the best manager that you can be! 

Don’t do it alone. Have a plan. Get the support.

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