We are almost halfway through the year. I like to take this time to assess where I am and where I still need to go to reach my goals by December 31st.

I started my business in 2021 and just like all new businesses, I’ve had to learn, and learn fast.

How many of you have heard the saying “Practice what you preach”?

Yep, this I’ve had to learn all too well.

I mean, I’m here to train businesses on how to effectively communicate internally for improved engagement and productivity and I can’t tell my husband I forgot to feed the birds, AGAIN, so I fib, just a little. (and make sure I go feed them immediately the next morning)

Okay, like no one else has done this!?!

My daughter and I work together and I so enjoy it, but we have had to learn how to communicate with each other to get the job done.

She likes to analyze and organize things. I see a FaceBook ad on something that might improve my productivity; I’ve bought three of them without thinking. I don’t research it. I figure if Johnny from PA says it helped him, surely it will help me. I can be somewhat impressionable.

My daughter has rolled her eyes at me more than I can count. Lol

When my kids were growing up, the kids would call me and ask if I was almost home. I would always say “Yep, right around the corner.” – even though I’m still at the grocery checkout lane. Until one day, I drove onto our street and the kids were both standing in the driveway waiting for me. As I stepped out of the car, they said “You weren’t around the corner! It’s been like 15 minutes!”

Yeah, so communication is an on-going learning experience.

If you feel your company totally has this ‘communication’ thing down, I’d suggest you set up some on-going training today! Because communication is a moving target.

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Understanding how to communicate with your team is as simple as knowing their communication style.