As a manager, you play a very important role.

Why? Because you have a huge impact on the well-being of your employees!

You have the option to reign power over your team OR to inspire and uplift them.

And one of those options is going to have a more positive impact than the other. Can ya guess which one?

But to do that often requires intention.

I think managers often lead from a mindset of power and authority because that is what we have been conditioned to do. Sometimes it is out like you’re on auto-pilot or leading from a place of reaction. But where does that get us?

Usually an uninviting work environment with employees who despise coming to work.

That is not good for anyone… your employees, the company, you.

But let’s be realistic. What do you actually need to do as a manager in order to be one that inspires, uplifts, and creates a welcoming work environment with employees excited to be there? 

Here are three tips to provide such a thing.


One suggestion is to make sure that everyone’s roles are clearly understood and agreed upon. Do YOU even know what each person’s responsibilities and roles are? Do your employees know these?

If this is not the case, evaluate and construct the definitions for the different roles on your team with your team. I repeat, with your team. 

When you allow people autonomy and choices, people are happier.

Consider the strengths of each person as well as what lights them up, what brings them joy.

And to take another step further? Write these out for everyone to reference.


Whether you believe their work to be superb or mediocre, do you recognize your employees for the time and energy they give to the company? 

Take the time to show your employees that you value what they do. And when you do, consider showing appreciation in different ways.

For example, one person might appreciate a note on their desk while another might appreciate recognition at a team meeting.


Another way to inspire and uplift your employees, is to show you care about their future. Provide opportunities for your employees to develop within your company.

Take some time to talk with your employees to consider what their next steps might be. Employees want to know where they can see themselves in the future and often want to be part of that decision.

Again, autonomy and choices!

These are just a few tips to get you thinking. But what actually happens when you, as a manager, begin to focus on your employees and bring them into the conversation?

As a manager you have the opportunity to show people you hear and see them. And you can do this through the power of communication.

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