After twenty plus years of being in the “people business” via sales & management, I’ve learned a couple of, what I would say, vital principles every manager should understand.

First, not every employee is the same. Therefore, to plan a positive and effective role as manager, you need to consider how you speak and motivate each team member. You might need to consider different types of work environments and engagement for them to be optimal with their work.

Second, employees usually do not leave companies. They leave management.

Team meeting with manager and employees. Manager is using effective communication with a team member who is questioning something.

Managers are often thrown into a leadership position because they excelled at a previous position. Sound familiar?

Does everyone throw into a leadership position have experience or training? Most of the time, no.

But guess what?! Being an amazing manager and leader is a skill that can be learned … if one is willing.

To be an effective manager that employees respect and engage with on a regular basis, it pays to understand that each of your team members is different. How you communicate with each one will not (or at least should not) look the same.

Knowing how to do this will save you time, money and frustration down the road. Not to mention? No more sleepless nights, stomach pains or increased heart rate.

Nope. That was not a heart attack you experienced. That was an anxiety attack!

(Quick disclaimer that my COO is making me add here. **eye roll** All joking aside, I am no medical professional. This is NOT a diagnosis. If there are any concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider.)


What are the benefits of learning how to effectively communicate with your employees? Increased….

  • engagement at meetings
  • participation at company picnics
  • positive customer service surveys
  • ideas being contributed
  • productivity
  • sales
  • work environment morale

Unlike anything you’ve seen. People actually looking forward to work when they wake up for the day.

If you are in a middle management position, regardless if you are a new manager or a veteran, YOU have the ability to make all of this happen.

A BONUS? Your ability to get buy-in from your OWN supervisor increases! Which we both know can be the most challenging.


Over the next four posts, I’ll be going over the four general personalities you might find in the workplace. Follow along so that you can better understand your employees and build your communication skills using the tips that I’ll be providing to help you do so effectively based on each style.

To quickly decipher which of the four general personalities someone most likely falls under, here are two questions to ask. We will be using these two questions to introduce each of the personalities over the next four posts.